Current Series:

We are thrilled to kick off our new sermon series called, “People of the Spirit.” 
Pastor Mac will start by looking at Acts 1:1-9, where the disciples are waiting in Jerusalem for the promise of the Holy Spirit and encounter the risen Jesus. He tells them that they will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon them. We know of God as Father, and the Son, Jesus. We often forget about the 3rd Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. 
We want to be a community that honors the Person of the Holy Spirit. We want to be filled by the Spirit. We want to walk by the Spirit. We want to acknowledge His presence in our lives everyday. We will look at gifts of prophecy, tongues, and even generosity. We will finish up the series by diving into the Unity that God brings to His people by His Spirit.
One of the key elements that sets the People of God apart is the Presence of God, which we experience through the Spirit of God. He is a Person. He always points to Jesus. He gently convicts us of sin, empowers us to live a holy life, unites us with other believers, and encourages us as we serve each other and bring the message of the Gospel to the people on our path.
Join us for this series as we dive into what it means to be people of the Spirit!