Eric Kuhn 

1) Tell us a bit about your family (4-5 sentences)
I have been married to my lovely wife, Natalie, for almost 7 years. We were married on 1-1-11, so I will never forget our anniversary (that wasn’t the main reason for the date, but it helps!) We met when I started attending Radiant (Living Light) Church in the summer of 2007. We worked together in college ministry for 5 years, as she was attending Winona State University and for a few years after. 
Fun fact: We started dating on Thanksgiving of 2008, which happened to be her birthday. I brought flowers for her to her family Thanksgiving gathering–a gathering of over 40 people! The rest is history, as they say.
We have 3 kids, Nora (4), Esther (2 1/2), and Wesley (1). They are a lot of work and a ton of fun! We love going outside for walks and bike rides (we are currently in training wheel mode). 
2) What is your favorite coffee drink?
Which comes first, the coffee or the creamer? I like my coffee light, or you could say I like my creamer with a shot of coffee. I also really enjoy a white chocolate mocha with whipped cream (hot in the winter and frapped in the summer!)
3) What is your favorite vacation spot? (or one you hope to visit!)
The 2 spots I’ve enjoyed the most over my lifetime are Summit County, Colorado (in the winter!) and Fort Myers, FL (in the winter as well!) Natalie and I also enjoy trying new Bed & Breakfasts if we can sneak away for a couple days without the kids. I would love to visit Kenya before I’m 50.
4) What is your favorite Bible verse or book?
It’s a tie. Psalms, because I love hear how the psalmists shared their raw, unscripted emotions while always coming back to the faithfulness and goodness of God. 
Luke & Acts (both written by Luke), because the gospel story and the way the disciples (early Church) carried out the mission of Jesus never gets old to me. It’s riveting to read every time!
5) What brought you to Radiant Church? (short story version!)
I started attending Radiant (then Living Light) Church in the summer of 2007. I had graduated from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities in 2007, and moved back to my hometown of Winona. After growing up in a Christian home and attending church regularly as a middle school and high school student, I wandered from the Lord during my later high school and early college years. God made Himself so real to me during the last 3 years of college. My life was changed by the grace, truth, love, and power of Jesus. I knew that I needed to find a church home for myself when I moved back to Winona, and God led me to Living Light (now Radiant) Church. It felt like HOME right away, and it’s been a gift to be a part of this community for the past 10 years.
Dogs OR cats?
Dogs (with an affinity toward Yellow Labs)
Also, I’m quite allergic to cats.
Packers OR Vikings?
Skol Vikings, Let’s Go!
(yes, I am a scarred MN sports fan!)
Soup & Sandwich OR Meat & Potatoes?
Chicken Wild Rice Soup & a Turkey Italian Sandwich (I’ve 3 or 4 classic local sandwich spots for you…just ask! I may even treat you to a soup & sammy combo if you catch me in a good mood.)
Apple OR Android?
Apple. I used to be a hater, but I’ve been changed.
Winter OR Summer?
That’s tough. Fall is my favorite season. Summer is next, but winter in MN is a lot fun (if you stay on the road!)