Kathy Young

1) Tell us a bit about your family. 
I am married to my best friend, Steve Young and we have 3 kids:  Christine (20) is studying at UM-Duluth, Sam (19) is studying at U of M Twin Cities, and Frances (17) is a senior at Cotter High School.  We’ve lived in Winona since 1994 and it has felt like home to us from the first day we drove into town in our ’88 Oldsmobile and ’84 Ford F150.  
2) What is your favorite coffee drink? 
I admit it.  I’m very fussy about coffee.  For the best ever, I like fresh brewed medium roast with plenty of half and half or, if possible, whipping cream.  
3) What is your favorite vacation spot? (or one you hope to visit!)
I like a variety of vacation spots –  local state parks, resorts in northern Minnesota or National Parks like the Smoky Mountains or Yellowstone.  The ocean beach is pretty cool too, especially if my family isn’t carried off in a rip tide.  The only essential on every vacation must be plenty of time to read!  
4) What is your favorite Bible verse or book? 
My favorite Bible verse is the one that God is speaking to me at a given moment – when the logos becomes rhema.  
5) What brought you to Radiant Church? (short story version) 
God.  I hope that’s short enough.
Dogs OR cats? 
What kind of question is that?  Cats.
Packers OR Vikings? 
Vikings.  I’m only saying that because we have a passionate, loyal Vikings fan in our family and I don’t want to make waves.  Plus my favorite color is purple.  
Soup & Sandwich OR Meat & Potatoes? 
Just the soup, please.  A cup of creamy tomato.
Apple OR Android? 
Apple.  I don’t know how to use Androids.  I think you have to be smarter.
Winter OR Summer? 
Winter.  It’s beautiful – crisp, quiet, clean, Christmas.  I just wish it wasn’t cold.