Daniel & Sarah Kautu

“Soul Harvest Ministries International”

Mission Update

Praise God,
On behalf of the church in Ukunda, Kenya, the priority now is to move from the temporary building structure that has served us for many years to a new permanent building. I’m going to forward Pastor Henry Barasa’s email to me with pictures showing some of the activities going on at our church ground right now. You will see there a picture of the older temporary structure and the new that is coming up, for which we will need your help.
There also is the well project with the two black tanks to store water in. We do not have a powerful machine to pump the water and sometimes we have to do it manually. The water from the well has really helped the church members and the community around. In fact, we are using the water to farm the land behind the church. You will remember that Radiant Church (formerly Living Light Church) helped us to buy this land. In the picture you can see the church ladies harvesting tomatoes. They sell and give away much of the vegetables to the community.
If I can make a request, I would love for Radiant Church’s support towards the building project. We love what this partner church (Radiant) has done and is still doing for the church in Kenya. You have always been there for us. We appreciate the help we have continued to receive. We love you.
Pass our love to the church,
Pastors Daniel & Henry Barasa
Springs of Life Church (Soul Harvest Ministries International).