“He has torn the veil…” The veil in the Temple separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place, keeping people from seeing God’s glory. Jesus’ death on the cross tore the veil! We now have the joy of entering into the “Most Holy Place,” the glorious presence of our awesome Father!

The word used is torn, not ‘is tearing.’ It’s torn: IT IS past, done, finished, complete!! IT IS entirely perfect and whole!! The torn veil gives us the joy and strength of the resurrection, the keys to the Kingdom, the Holy Spirit poured out, and so much more! It’s all for us! HE HAS torn the veil. IT IS complete! GOD broke through!! Glory to His name!


Today is YOUR day of salvation!

Today is YOUR day for joy and dancing!

Today is YOUR day for freedom!

I AM has torn the veil….you are free!

I AM has torn the veil….you are Light!

I AM has torn the veil….you are joy-filled!

I AM has torn the veil….you ARE His glory!

I AM has torn the veil….you have strength and hope and power!

I AM has torn the veil….you are the temple, inhabited by Holy Spirit!

Father God, You ARE the great I AM. You ARE the source of our hope and joy and peace. Thank you for Jesus, who died on the cross for us, so that the veil would be torn away and we could walk into the glorious presence of You, our awesome Father, and be free, loved, whole and perfect in Your eyes. You are amazing! Glory to Your name in all the earth! Amen and amen!

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