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Overtoun House  – Ministry Update


Bob & Melissa Hill operate Overtoun House, a renovated castle near Clydebank, Scotland, being used as a center for healing & hope for hurting women.

2020 has for us, as it has for most people, been an odd year for ministry. We began the year with His Family Church meeting in our local community centre. Then the rumors of Covid-19 began and people grew a bit worried. Eventually, the UK government put the country in lock-down and we’ve been there ever since. Churches in the UK cannot meet. And there are currently strict restrictions concerning families being together as well. So, we meet on-line for services and have a zoom call afterwards for “tea break.” J It’s good fun. Another way we are keeping the church together is through online women’s meetings and Sunday morning prayer which involves some connecting via their phones and some via the internet, but we can all hear each other and pray together! It is AWESOME!!!
The Grace Wing has had its setbacks over the last year and half as well. We had been open, caring for Scottish women leaving sex trafficking, but due to unexpected staffing issues, we had to close. We are currently working with two Scottish organizations to re-open by the end of this year, in spite of COVID! Go GOD!!! We are SO EXCITED about this prospect! We will be working with both secular and Christian groups to help women prepare for life in their community.
Bob and I have also been focusing a great deal on the care of the missionaries with Globe International (our sending agency). Globe has around 170 members worldwide and we are the directors of Member Care. We have a team helping us care for these wonderful people. We spend time listening and talking, praying, encouraging and just plain loving on missionaries via Messenger, What’s App, Skype or however they can be reached. Many are lonely and displaced and need an ear that hears as well as understands. It’s a good job! We love it!!
Many folks at our age, over 65, would be thinking of retiring, but we have walked into our “second wind,” and are planning for many more years of caring for people both in Scotland and around the world. God, through the Holy Spirit, has energized is and we’re not stopping! He is good and His mercies endure forever!
Thank you for your love and prayers and support! You are wonderful friends and partners!
Be blessed in your comings and your goings! Be blessed in your lives and in your families!
Bob and Melissa

Bob and Melissa Hill - Overtoun House

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